Bill Hansberry
Bill HansberryTeacher
Mentor, Counsellor, Author and Private Educational Consultant to schools
Qualifications: B.Teach., B.Ed., M. Ed. (counselling) University of South Australia

Contact Information

Phone: 0433 399767

Email: [email protected]


Facebook: Hansberry Educational Consulting

Twitter: Bill [email protected]

Business Hours

I work from my room at Fullarton House on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

About Me

I have a background in Teaching, School Counselling, Behaviour Management and Wellbeing in Government and Non-Government schools. I am a registered teacher, although, my work in schools nowadays sees me operating as a Private Consultant, supporting schools to create positive learning environments though Restorative Practices.  This extends to running teacher and parent workshops; coaching teachers and helping schools and organisations to resolve conflict.

At Fullarton House I offer sessions to young people and their parents to assist them to deal with difficulties such as:

  • Learning difficulties (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia etc.)
  • General schoolwork difficulties – any subject (Maths to year 9)
  • Parenting support and coaching
  • Behavioural Difficulties (home and /or school)
  • Motivational difficulties
  • Social difficulties (making friends and keeping friends)
  • Organisational difficulties (poor organisation – often attached to learning issues)
  • Concentration and attention difficulties (ADD / ADHD)

My work in the field of Dyslexia has become a specialty and I was one of the lucky contributors featured in the recently released Australian Dyslexia Documentary “Outside the Square”. Like our other wonderful dyslexia specialists at Fullarton House, my practice is based on evidence-based Orton-Gillingham and Hickey Multisensory teaching methods. Through my company, Hansberry Educational Consulting, I work with some other wonderful specialists in the field of dyslexia to run a three level training called ‘Teaching Students with Dyslexia’.

Over the years, the nature of my work has inspired a number of writing projects. I have been lucky enough to have worked with some amazing and talented people to produce resources for schools and parents, as well as authoring some works all by myself! I have authored and contributed to:

  • Raising Beaut Kids: Recipes for Parents on when to say ‘yes’ and how to say ‘no’

(with Mark Le Messurier, Self-Published)

  • The Grab and Go Circle Time Kit for Teaching Restorative Behaviour

(with Jane Langley, Inyahead Press)

  • Working Restoratively in Schools: A Guidebook for Creating Safe and Connected Learning Communities (Inyahead Press)
  • The Emotional Foundations of Restorative Practice: Theoretical Explorations in Case Studies

(With several other writers, edited by Vick Kelly and Marg Thorsborne, Jessica Kingsley Publishing)

  • Teaching Tough Kids (by Mark Le Messurier, Routledge)