Our Story begins when Fullarton House was formed in 1998 by a small group of professionals with a shared vision of providing quality intervention and support to young people and their families whose lives have been touched by learning difficulties, emotional or social difficulties.

We have developed a service that provides assessment, therapy and teaching under the one roof with an holistic ongoing approach to the assistance given to clients. An integral part of our approach involves working closely with a wide range of other professionals.

We have built a respected reputation based on our quality of care and a unique set of skills and experience.

Fullarton House is a collective of individual professional consultants which makes each of us personally accountable to our clients.  This creates a warm and personable atmosphere that is noticed by our clients from the first moment they walk through the door.

We share a passion to help improve the quality of life for the people and families we work with.

Clients are attracted to our service because of the synergy that comes from how we combine our expertise to make wonderful differences in their lives.